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Rust: Building an in-game community

Edit ——-

So, just in case you were wondering what happened to this whole shabang…some outside people raided the base and ruined everything we worked for inside the compound. We lost everything. The same people that raged because we were working together.

Sorry for the lack of posts

First off, it’s been a very long time since I posted an update! The good news is that not much has changed in my life…so not much to update on. I have been working hard at my new job and keeping it low-profile.

Aside from the work life, I have been streaming nightly and trying out a new way to play Rust -Cooperatively. I know, it seems like in a game of survival, people would team up from the start to stay alive against the elements of nature, but this is not the case with Rust. In the 150 hours of playing Rust, I noticed I spend most of my time gathering resources, killing animals, and fighting other players for what is theirs. That’s right…raiding. The players are so wrapped up in fighting each other and hoarding everything they find, until now.

Expansion and community

This past weekend I decided to find a new server and expand my playing zone to see if I could find people who wanted to work together and survive. I found just that when I joined this new server I am currently enjoying. In chat, someone was posting about how they were looking for new “employees” to help them build their compound. To my liking, they were looking to work cooperatively in a community. This was a new change I have yet to see. I always watch my back in case the people I am working with decide to turn on me. 3 Days later, these guys STILL haven’t killed me. In fact, they are generous, fair, and great at leading and managing a community.

I pulled in about 6 of my friends to join in on the server and become a part of the community. Upon request, they built us an arena to spar in and learn how to become better at player versus player (PvP), they created apartments for everyone to stay in, and they generally take care of our living quarters while we all go out, raid, and become stronger. What a change of pace..finally.

Ohhh but that’s not all…..

Betrayal and fighting from the inside

My “team” and I have a different plan for this community, and it’s pretty shady. When we discuss how awesome it is to be a part of this community, some of the other lone wolves on the server seem very irritated about how we can’t survive on our own. They are so objective towards the idea of working together. One guy slandered me for not being a leader. It was great seeing how upset people get. What that guy (and the leaders of our community) don’t know, is that I AM in fact a natural-born leader.

We plan on taking over the compound from the inside. >:) Once we have enough C4 stored up in an off-compound location, we plan on gathering all of our weapons and taking the compound from the inside. To pull this off, we only have two weeks, and we must continue to pretend to be loyal subjects. – This will show that lame guy who a true leader is once the chat is filled with accusations and fighting words against my clan inside the community. Heh. Life is fun and full of mystery!

Still curious?

Join me in the adventure: — Nightly at 8pm EST.


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