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72 Hour Game Jam – Bed Time, Lights Out

I never expected myself to join in on a game jam and make it all the way to the end in just one weekend. The days were endless, it felt, yet the goal seemed so close. I spent nearly 16 hours each day trying to complete the game before midnight on Sunday. It was a rush, music and sound were added right in the last 3 hours, sounds were added in the last 40 minutes; time passed too fast. I live streamed the entire event and you can always stop by my channel for more development and game play! For now, come check out the amazing game created in this time span! Please, take the time to vote 🙂

Game Jam Page


You play as a child stuck in a horrid nightmare that he can’t escape after he killed his parents. See the nightmares of a child through the lens this game offers! The creepy, dark levels, impossible bosses, and strange enemies will keep you playing over and over*.

*one game-breaking bug causes the game to crash when you lose all of your lives unfortunately (could not get the last build in time). The only way to submit a high score is to beat the game (extremely difficult)!


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Art and Design

  • Joshua Long
  • DomeKid
  • Vampy3k
  • Vavexporis

Design & Development

  • Joshua Long


  • Vampy3k Users (Game Design)

  • Vavexporis
  • Vampy3k
  • DomeKid
  • Bakertime1433
  • Smurfmuffin69
  • LegitGamez60
  • Derptrollz
  • Rubiks14
  • Tomlab1
  • Ateliure
  • Killercobra
  • Pandaman33
  • Austinh115
  • J_Dwraith
  • Linkon18
  • illusiveEdge
  • Donplonex
  • DetectiveNiko
  • KarRuptAssassin

GMK: Studio – Code Snippet: Orbit

I know it’s been a long time since my last post…I just haven’t had anything to write about! So, with that, I am going to share my recent creation..because I couldn’t find what I needed elsewhere…at least in a simple piece of code.

Code Snippet: Orbiting
Engine: Game Maker: Studio

In your rotating object’s CREATE event, drag over an, “Execute Code” block and type:

// Setup the orbiting object’s variables
pDir = 0; // Where the orbiting object starts (0-360)
pDistance = 100; // The distance from the main object this orbits
pSpeed = 1; // Speed of the orbit

In your rotating object’s STEP event, drag over an, “Execute Code” block and type:

// Set the movement of your orbiting object
x = [yourObject].x + lengthdir_x(pDistance, pDir)
y = [yourObject].y + lengthdir_y(pDistance, pDir)

// Based on which direction you want, you can use +/- when adding the speed
pDir += pSpeed;

I hope that this helped anyone looking for some orbiting planets, buffs, or tornadoes in the future!

Joshua Long


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