Adapt – The Strategic Survival Card Game

Adapt is a highly strategic survival card game where you take on not only the environment, but your closest friends. Players take turns facing challenges on the island, exploring, hunting, and deciding when to betray the other players all while they are hunting down the precious relics to win the game. You can avoid dangerous misadventures by collecting and holding onto the right supplies, like the fanny pack!

As the game progresses, you will start to notice others hiding their cards, taking less risks, and trying to steal from other players. Those are the people holding relics.

Fight your way to ultimate survival and collect the relics around the island for a fun game night with the family or a group of friends!

The game was created by Joshua Long and Alex Kruchten, Full Sail University Graduates, 2014. We think the game works great in party situations and we would love to spread the game around the world if possible. That’s where you come in; we can’t distribute this game without you.

So, if you are into card games or survival or cold-hearted betrayal, then please help us make this game become a reality. We think you would love it as much, if not more than we do!


North Suns Entertainment


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