Holy Steam Summer Sales! – Purchasing the right game for you

Release The Steam Sales

So Steam is having another sale this summer. You are sure to enjoy your daily specials, flash deals, and games that you couldn’t find any cheaper! You may be asking yourself, “Which games do I buy?! There are so many different games that I could find myself playing! That one is only $5, that one is $20, but originally $60!” The choices are limitless during the Steam Summer Sale, and I am here to help you limit yourself to games you will love; forget the pricing!

I know that the summer sale is almost over, but who’s to say this information couldn’t help you in the future when you are deciding which $60 game to buy if you can only buy one.

1. Compare and Contrast Feelings

You might be asking yourself, “Is this going to be a fun game? Should I buy this game, or should I buy this game?” The answer is not as simple as one might think. Your first reaction usually comes from the cover art of the game, or the trailer that you are presented with when loading the game’s page. These are pretty harsh ways to judge a game (you know, don’t judge a book by its cover). So, what should you do with this option presented?

Go with your gut.

If you sit there second-guessing yourself about a game purchase before you get the game, then is it really worth your time? Is this the game you truly wanted to spend $20 on? If you are picking the game that brings up emotions, you will find the one you can at least spend 6+ hours playing. The second-guessed game will leave you asking Steam for a refund.

2. $5 is $5 is $5 – Don’t waste your money

With each great sale comes hundreds of GREAT deals that ask you to spend $5 (or less) on a $20 game. Your initial reaction is to pick up quantity over quality at this moment. This is the time to spend $5 on those games that you second-guessed the first time around!…or is it? Let’s say you pick up 5 games for the whopping $5 a piece. $25 goes right to buying 5 games you may never play through or even install! So, 2/5 games get played and installed. This leaves you with the remaining $15 that could have gone towards getting that heart-throbbing, EPIC RPG game you always wanted!

Only buy what you’re going to play.

3. Read the Reviews

If you are anything like me, you NEVER read the reviews. I don’t care what other people have to say about a game that I THINK looks awesome! Why should I let their opinions ruin my thoughts on the game? This is a terrible way to see the reviews. Yes, some people will be trolls and tell you how crappy the game is based on their first 5 minutes of gameplay. You can usually sift through those reviews and find the truly passionate people. Read the good, read the bad. If you are having a hard time picking out a game (the art is beautiful, the story is gripping, and the characters are 3-dimensional, but it’s a short game), make sure to read what passionate people have to say about the game. Like it or not, the reviews can give you a quick insight to the core mechanics of a game.

Sift the crap, read the good and the bad.


If you are still weary about picking out a game with all of the pressure of sales going on, maybe you should step back away from Steam and do some research. Find the next game you want to play. Maybe your library is full of games already; pick a game and force yourself to play one of your past decisions! If there are games you haven’t installed yet after the last sale you splurged on, go install them and see if that impulsive buying gets you the game you REALLY want to play.

Happy Gaming. Play Smart. Buy Smart.



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