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My very own RUST SERVER!

I did it, I busted and finally jumped into buying my own server. Even though I have my own server, I am skeptical about letting it be just like every other server on the market. One day I will have my own hardware for game servers, I am sure, but for now I am under the thumb of Multiplay, which is not a bad thing! They are taking care of me and offering a great service while I learn to manage my own game server and give the community a fun time.


“Josh, why? Why waste your time?”

To me, this isn’t a waste of time. I play this game so often now days that I felt it only necessary to give this a chance. I spend plenty of time joining, building, dying, resetting on other servers. Well, now I get the chance to make life easier and much more fun for my peers and faithful Twitch viewers. I host events, giveaways, and building techniques in-game. With full control over the map, I love to take the chance and have fun with my members! A full list of locations, events, and in-game features offered on my server will be up soon… (like the Joshua-definition of

Can you join?



It’s quite simple. All I ask is that you join the twitch live stream and be part of the gaming community I have started to create. Be responsive, interactive and helpful. Don’t be mean or hostile towards the other viewers. Once I see that you are showing dedication, I would love to whitelist you and have you join the server.


You can help me buy more space (for more people to join) and keep the server running by donating on my stream! It’s not required, but anything helps, just make sure to put in your note that it’s for the Rust Server funds (which will be displayed on my personal Server homepage).



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